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European Perfect Cleaning is a leading service provider in the cleaning industry. Our mission is to help you balance your life challenges, responsibilities and your precious free time so that you can relax and enjoy the things you like to do for longer and more frequently. We aim to provide you with a superior cleaning service that will deliver total customer satisfaction. All cleaning jobs are unique. We make sure our professionals are flexible and that our cleaning schedules are designed around each unique customer’s specifications and desired frequencies. We offer a range of professional house cleaning Chicago depending upon your needs, these include: house and apartment cleaning services and move in and move out cleaning services. Whatever you need we guarantee to deliver service excellence, contact us today.

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Why You Should Choose Our House
Cleaning Services Chicago!

When you hire European Perfect House Cleaning Chicago we guarantee that you are hiring a superior house cleaning service, dedicated to achieving spotless results and providing you with excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction. Our cleaning professionals are passionate about carrying out the best performance possible and will ensure they meet all of your cleaning needs. They will clean and sanitize your home leaving it fresh for you and your family.


Professional Cleaning Services

At European Perfect Cleaning, we deliver exceptional, top-class cleaning results at affordable prices. Our professionals use the most modern technology during the cleaning process making sure your home is clean and hygienic for you.



Our aim is to deliver 100% client satisfaction and to deliver an excellent service every time. Our mission is to help our clients to balance their time to enable them to spend less time working.


High-Quality Products

Our professionals use only the best quality cleaning tools, safe, human-friendly, cleaning solutions, and equipment with modern technology in order to get your home spotlessly clean, hygienic, and safe for you and your family.


Reliable and Trustworthy

All of our professionals undergo a strict check and are fully screened before they are employed, they can be trusted in your home. We are also fully insured to cover any damages, breakages, or accidents.

List Of Cleaning Services We Offer!

European Perfect house cleaning service Chicago is a superior cleaning service provider unrivaled within the professional cleaning industry. Our mission is to deliver exceptional, affordable home cleaning services allowing our customers to balance their time between work and other priorities. We offer a variety of premium house cleaning Chicago.

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  • How Frequently Should I Schedule House Cleaning?

    Many clients prefer weekly cleanings, some hire us to help with big projects like spring cleaning or a deep clean every 2 months. It depends upon your own personal requirements. We are available whenever you need us. Whether it is weekly, monthly, or every 6 months, our professionals are flexible and ready.

  • Is Hiring Professional Cleaning Services Chicago Worth the Cost?

    Only you can answer this question, what needs to be done and how long will it take to be accomplished, how much energy will it take? Do you want to spend this time and energy cleaning or do you want to hire a professional service to take this chore off your hands?

  • What Is The Cost Of Your Cleaning Services?

    Our rates depend upon the size of your property, the frequency, and what type of cleaning service you need. We offer free quotations that we can tailor to your specific requirements. Call us and we can discuss your budget and your requirements and come up with a personalized program just for you.

  • What Are Your Basic Cleaning Services?

    Our professional home cleaning services Chicago include a variety of tasks from vacuuming and cleaning floors to dusting and all the jobs in between. When our professional team is finished, your home will be sparkling, spotless, and sanitized. Contact us to discuss your specific cleaning requirements. Our expert team is ready and available.

We Offer The Best House
Cleaning Chicago Area!

European Perfect Cleaning is ready to deliver the best house cleaning Chicago services, maid services, and move in/ move out cleaning service. Our cleaning company hires the best house cleaning professionals and utilizes the best cleaning components on the market to ensure that we deliver the finest home cleaning services for all our beloved customers. Whether you need a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maid service, we’re the best option for you, as we also strive to deliver affordable prices that we guarantee are the lowest you can find in this area. Don’t think about it and contact us today!

Looking For House Cleaning Services Chicago Area?
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Looking for a cheap, dependable house cleaning service Chicago? Then you’re here. Our passion for giving you your money’s worth sets us different from other cleaning services. After a hard day, it’s nice to return to a clean, fragrant house. We clean apartments. Walking into a clean and comfortable house is a great experience, and you may schedule cleanings monthly, every 3 weeks, bi-weekly, or weekly. Our prices depend on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. Standard apartment cleaning includes mopping and sweeping floors, dusting outside surfaces, and cleaning common rooms, kitchens, and toilets.

Our house cleaning Chicago rating system allows our customers to review our cleaners’ performance after each appointment to ensure we only send the best individuals to match their need for a quality service. Let us clean your flat while you enjoy the city. We’ll assist you to keep a tidy house.

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Need a special apartment cleaning service? We are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.


Save Time By Hiring House
Cleaning Services Chicago!

When you use deep house cleaning services Chicago you will benefit more than you can imagine as you will be able to free up some of your time that you would normally utilize doing your household chores such as cleaning, but instead, by using professional house cleaning services you can employ that time on your favorite activities or expending time with your family. Most people nowadays leave their house cleaning jobs for a professional house cleaning service as it’s more convenient in all aspects, they also benefit from an improved cleaning result as house cleaning services provide a deep cleaning service that will make sure that even the most hidden dirt in your house is properly removed, providing your family with safety and comfort.

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    The Importance Of A Clean Home

    • November 8, 2022

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Striving to Deliver Exceptional Cleaning Services by Exceeding Expectations

One of the benefits of maintaining a tidy household is the enhanced level of comfort it provides. However, homeowners often face challenges in finding the time to clean their homes due to their demanding schedules. Our house cleaning Chicago based services are available to assist you. Our cleaning professionals will efficiently and effectively organize your home to a standard that you can take pride in. In addition, we provide a thorough cleaning service to ensure the safety of all occupants in your household. Our objective is to deliver superior-quality work at a reasonable cost. Our products are formulated without any synthetic chemicals, ensuring their safety for both humans and pets, as well as their positive impact on the environment. Please feel free to contact us for any updates regarding your cleaning plan.

We prioritize your schedule preferences and ensure consistent maid services every time.